CenturyLink Home Services: Reliable Internet, Reliable Price

CenturyLink has more than just Internet – CenturyLink offers High-Speed Internet for a reliably low price. What does reliably low mean? It means you could get the same low price guaranteed for up to five years – without signing a term agreement.

That’s what makes High-Speed Internet from CenturyLink one of the best choices for home Internet. It gets you online with fast speeds and low prices, guaranteed.

Call today, and get a great deal on High-Speed Internet in your area.

High-Speed Internet ins and outs

Fast Internet is in, and slow Internet is out. With a reliable High-Speed Internet connection, you can get online with reliably fast speeds that make it easy to do all your favorite things online.

Download videos. Share music with your friends. Work from home. Find new recipes. Engage in all your favorite social media sites.

Enjoy your time online with CenturyLink High-Speed Internet. Order now and get the best offers available in your area!

CenturyLink: Internet features

  • Fast Speeds on a strong Internet connection. With a CenturyLink Internet connection, you get a reliable Internet connection that gives you a better handle on your Internet service.
  • Tech support, 24/7. You sleep, but your computer problems don’t. That’s why if you have questions about installing your Internet, troubleshooting or just general questions about your High-Speed Internet service, CenturyLink has a team waiting to help.
  • Extras for your family. Everyone needs email, and when you get a CenturyLink High-Speed Internet plan, it includes multiple email accounts. Other add-ons you can take advantage of are online TV viewing and protection plans.

CenturyLink: home Internet bundles

One-size-fits-all isn’t how your Internet service should be. It should be personal. Cater to your needs. Cater to your budget. That’s why you have the option to not only pick out your own CenturyLink High-Speed Internet plan, but also have the option to bundle your Internet with Home Phone.

Why build a bundle? Bundles give you more – more security, more reliability, more entertainment. CenturyLink High-Speed Internet has the speed to get you online with ease, and a Home Phone gives you the peace of mind that you have a constant means of communication.

Why bother with a Home Phone?

  1. Consistently great coverage. Your cellphone has the games, but not the consistency. A Home Phone doesn’t rely on towers like your smartphone does – it uses a landline, so you get an uninterrupted connection. You can communicate in an unexpected scenario when cellphone networks go down.
  2. Bye bye telemarketers. One of the biggest turn offs of a Home Phone is unwanted callers. Avoid any unwanted attention with sharp call screening features like Selective Call Rejection with some Home Phone plans.
  3. Convenience all day, every day. Your time is valuable. When you call to get CenturyLink High-Speed Internet, you can get Home Phone service on the same phone call, saving you tons of time.

A Home Phone service and High-Speed Internet connection really do go hand in hand. Call today and you’ll get the best deals available in your area, whether you’re looking for Internet, Home Phone or both.