Internet and Home Phone: CenturyLink Bundles You Can Build

Internet and Home Phone – they work together because you use them together. Multi-tasking is a big part of your life, so you should make sure that your Internet and Home Phone services are the best – that’s where CenturyLink bundles come in.

Building a bundle is easy because we give you all the tools you need. We help you find the right Internet and Home Phone services for your exact needs.

Need Unlimited Local Calling? CenturyLink Home Phone service has you covered. Need a consistent, comprehensive Internet service? Try a CenturyLink Internet plan. You can pick an existing bundle, or get help from the Internet experts to build your own.

Building your own bundle: what you need to know

  • Internet + Home Phone. The most basic form of a bundle is just High-Speed Internet and Home Phone service. They work perfectly together because they require the same technology: a phone line. Unlike dial-up, CenturyLink High-Speed Internet is an Internet connection that makes it easy to get online and use the phone at the same time.
  • Home Phone is smart. Some families don’t see why they should get a Home Phone, but CenturyLink Home Phone customers know there’s no better substitute when you need a reliable way to talk to your family and friends. Smart Home Phone features combat sneaky telemarketers and you get the comfort of knowing that in emergency situations you don’t have to rely on cellphone towers.
  • Internet and Home Phone bundles are flexible. They can bend to fit your needs and most importantly, your budget. Different Internet speeds make it easy to find an affordable plan – plans with higher speeds get you more for your money, and plans with the slowest speeds are the most affordable.

When you call to order your CenturyLink bundle, ask about features like:

Self-installation. You don’t have to wait for an installation specialist to come to your home to install your Internet – you can do it yourself with a free self-installation kit.

If you’re a news hound looking to stay in the loop, then you’ll love the option to customize your own homepage. Choose what you see when you log online, whether it’s sports scores, local news headlines or simply your email.

One High-Speed Internet feature that you won’t want to live without is live technical support. You don’t need to be a tech expert because CenturyLink has a tech support team ready to answer your questions, big or small, 24/7.

Internet features, Home Phone features (like Call Forwarding, Last Call Return and Call Rejection) make your home a fully functional home. Call today to build your own bundle, and ask about TV and Internet packages!