Home Phone Service: Make Your Calls Count

Cellphones have the apps, but they don’t have the reliability and the comfort of a Home Phone. Think about it: you use your smartphone to play games, text, keep track of your bank accounts, check email – but does it keep you covered when it actually comes to making phone calls?

CenturyLink Home Phone service features

Features are what separate a Home Phone service from an outstanding Home Phone service. When you choose CenturyLink, you’re choosing great features that make your Home Phone:

  1. Affordable. When you bundle Internet and Home Phone service together, you are getting two great services for one low price. Get more entertainment, more reliability and more peace of mind when you get a bundle. Even ask how you can get TV service in addition to your CenturyLink bundle.
  2. Smart. A Home Phone connects you when you want thanks to smart features – smart features that forward calls from your Home Phone to your cellphone, block calls from unknown numbers (goodbye telemarketers) and reject calls from specific numbers.
  3. Unlimited. Unlimited Nationwide Calling, Unlimited Local Calling – whatever your needs are, CenturyLink has the means to accommodate them.
  4. Secure. Working through uncontrollable situations, a Home Phone also works with home security systems. You won’t have to worry about not being able to get the help you need when you need it the most.

Internet and Home Phone: it’s better when you bundle

The only thing better than fast Internet is fast Internet paired with CenturyLink Home Phone. A Home Phone connects you in a way that a cellphone can’t: reliably, 24/7. During an emergency when cellphone towers go down, a Home Phone connects you to the outside world.

Bundling CenturyLink Internet and Home Phone service together gives you the best of both worlds – High-Speed Internet to explore everything online and a reliable way to communicate with friends and family – all for an incredibly affordable price.

When you bundle, ask about:

  • Specific plans – CenturyLink offers tons of different options for Home Phone and High-Speed Internet.
  • Locking in low rates – you can get the same low price guaranteed for up to 5 years – without a contract.
  • Tech support – you don’t need to be a tech expert, because we’ve got them for you. Ask about how you can get 24/7 technical support when you get a CenturyLink bundle.

Call us today to build your own bundle. Get the best deals for your family, for your needs and for your budget.